Mick’s Restoration has been in business for over 15 years

mick schmidt from Mick's Restorations on set at the fast and furious 7 movie
Mick on set at the Furious 7 movie ( Party Scene )

Our goal is 100% satisfaction

I have been involved with interior restoration for cars and boats since 1983. After finishing my service as a Marine, I started working for a van conversion company. That is where I first became interested in renewing and transforming vehicle interiors. When the business closed, I found work in car sales. Although I was still involved working with vehicles, I needed to follow my passion for interior restoration. I found a company where I could perfect my skills and eventually allow me to start my own company .

I can restore surfaces and areas when they are not in need of reupholstering. Restoration can be as good, if not better, than the original piece. If a piece is not restorable by me, I will gladly recommend someone who specializes in that area. I believe whether a job is big or small, to do it right or not at all. This passion and attitude has allowed me to work restoring cars for the movie industry. See movie cars, sets and more!

“I will gladly meet with you to discuss options and how to bring your vehicle's interior back to showroom quality!”